Tuareg: the free men of the desert

The nomadic inhabitants of the Saharan regions of north Africa are commonly known with the name of Tuareg. Most people call them the “Blue Men” because […]

How to use magic to clean your house

How beautiful it would be? To use magic and create something out of nothing that helps us in doing whatever we want? In Disney’s “Fantasia – […]

Shamanism and Magic

“In the beginning was magic”. Not poetry, not religion, not literature, not science, not philosophy. All the knowledge, all the wisdom of the human being was […]

Druids: the guardians of nature

Generally known as religious leaders in the Celtic cultures, druids appear in Latin chronicles, medieval tales, Celtic revivals and neopagan groups. Ben Cunliffe, professor of European […]

The wizard

–The wizard is a human being, with his strengths and weaknesses, but with full consciousness of what he is and what he wants to be. –The […]
Principles of Magic

The basic principles of Magic

The meanings of the term “magic” are multiple. Considering the variety of significances that the word has taken during the history of the humanity, it is […]
Magic: a path to self-knowledge

Magic: a path to self-knowledge

What is magic? And why, for thousand of years, human beings sought for it? Is it real? Does it exist, or is it just a discipline […]